Sunday, May 12, 2013

University Drift Festival - Students Becoming Masters

University students in Jordan – including crankandpiston mate AmmaniV12 – competed in the inaugural WE Drift Festival, putting their own cars through their sideways paces.

There are certain stereotypes that come with being a student: baked beans on toast eight times a week; all-night essay sessions for last-minute deadlines, oversleeping and missing tutorials by the term-ful, and devoid of financial support. Evenings can quite easily be spent perfecting Forza or Gran Turismo as a consequence.

Nobody appears to have told university students in Jordan, however, with nearly 60 cars entered in the inaugural Drift Festival for universities across the country. An event exclusively billed for amateur runners by organizers "WE Drift", only university students were eligible to compete, so those of you hoping to grab a shot of Mohammad Al Kukhun or Ahmed Daham throwing their cars around by the scruff of their crankcase may be disappointed.

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