Saturday, June 30, 2012

Launch of the new Lexus GS F-Sport

A while ago, Lexus have changed mostly its whole line up to the new image of Lexus having a signature front of end of each model.
After a worldwide release of the new GS model, we really got excited about the changes the car have been through with all these years in development.

The launch was at a private location, with a couple of Lexus F series cars such as the IS-F, and the LFA welcoming us at our arrival which gave us the chills.
A great welcome to get us even more excited to see the new GS as Lexus have mentioned that the GS was engineered from the ground up with next-generation technology.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The 2nd generation 997 Carrera S (PDK)

After we have covered the launch of the new 991 Carrera, and have seen many changes in aerodynamics, body style, and performance in handling and acceleration. We've thought of its earlier 997 version, will it still be considered by Porsche fans?

A while ago, Nuqul automotive handed us one of their 997 2nd generation Carrera S which was equipped with many updates from the earlier generation. Such as a revised suspension system, revised direct injection engine, and a totally new PDK Transmission system which gave the car a whole different feeling.

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