Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jordan Car Show 2011

Almost annually, Here in Jordan a Car show gets organized. Gathering the majority of car types from Tuners, to exotics, to classics.
We actually missed the Car show last year which we heard was successful. So we decided to visit this one and give it a go

The event was located at the Golf Club of Jordan. a few kilometers away south of Amman on Airport road.
Started at around 10 AM till late evening. From what we saw from the flyers, facebook event, banners, etc.

We thought that this is going to be interesting! But all we saw was a few good cars. Including the Racing Dimensions tuned cars. Read more to check the pictures

Sunday, July 3, 2011

AmmaniV12 Super Tour #2

After such a long wait, The members of the AmmaniV12 crew have increased and increased since the Last Tour we had before.
We came to a point where we just had too many cars and needed to show everyone what we do.

Our crew now has 14 members, From Oldschool American Muscle, up to Modern Italian and American beasts

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