Friday, September 28, 2012

The 2013 Victory Judge

The 1960s has been marked as the era of American Muscle cars. With the bulky tough body designs, big engine blocks, raised white lettering on the tires, and many other remarks of big muscle.

Where the 1960 Ford Mustang stood out, and has been a great part of inspiring the creation for the new Victory Motorcycle bike with their latest 2013 Victory Judge. Victory's latest addition to it's cruising bikes lineup.

The bike has recently arrived to Amman, and was featured at a Horses competition at the Royal Stables of Jordan. It was actually a good choice by Optimal Trading, linking the inspiring Mustang's horse logo with the new Mustang inspired motorcycle. Catching everyone's attention being at the middle.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Monster is back; The new BMW F12 M6

A new M car is always big news when launched. Which catches the attention of enthusiasts, enviers, youngsters, and other manufactures. Why is that though? Well simply said is because the BMW Motorsport division are the ones who started the segment of beast in sheep’s clothing in the 80’s and since then it has been a brand which we have most grown to love, and has been the benchmark for all.

A drivers car which can be like a Swiss Army knife, a car which you can drive to drop of the kids to school, do the grocery, then taking it to the track and letting it rip and putting supercars to shame. A no compromise everyday supercar.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Renault's official opening

Alkan international motors have recently launched Renault's brand in Amman, Jordan.
Although you might find several Renault cars spread around Jordan, they finally have a home now. The official dealer has the whole full line of Renault cars, ranging from their Clio, Megane, Duster, and to their funkiest electric car, the Twizy.

The location of the new showroom is in Swefieh, right next to Ole Jordan previously. It shouldn't be hard to miss as it's yellow all around as Renault's brand color. It's a pretty cool location is you ask me, as it's sort of close and easy to reach coming from anywhere.

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