About Us

AmmaniV12 is an automotive blog dedicated to Cars and Motorcycles, specialized in creating original content for whatever is related to the automotive scene in the region of news, events, test drives, and reviews based on the market.

Aimed at automotive enthusiasts of all kinds, who want to know more about what is happening locally, and be able to provide them with pleasuring content.

We have a dedicated team of Editors, Photographers, Videographers but all kinds of guest blogs are welcome to join in the movement.

As for the name, AmmaniV12 is not limited to vehicles with V12 engines - It's only called that for the love, and admiration of V12 engines.
Starting from Amman and reaching out to a bigger range of viewers all around.

The AmmaniV12 Rides:

It's something that AmmaniV12 is doing on the side of the website, which is collecting sport cars from the upper class of the car community of Jordan. We wanted to make our own scene with the cars that we want to see roaming the city together.

To show an example of what we do, you can check our first tour here and our second tour here.

To join, the car doesn't need to be Jordanian as anyone is welcome, as long as the car is unique and can fit in. Just send us an email from our Contact us page, and we shall get back to you.