Monday, February 14, 2011

Dyno Day + Results

Last saturday, Ammani V12 was covering the Dyno Day event held by the NMK Dyno Centre

We've signed up with 2 of our cars, the Chrysler 300C SRT8, and the Chevy Camaro SS
As we told you before, we had some modifications goin on on the chrysler

Stock performance as claimed by factory:

-Chrysler: 425 Engine Horsepower, 420 lb-ft of Torque, 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds
-Camaro: 400 Engine Horsepower, 410 lb-ft of Torque, 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds

Note: 0 to 100 measured on drag racing track (Full Grip)

Important Note: Many of you guys thought that the SRT8 and the SS are challenging each other, but No! We're just friends heading to the dyno to have some fun.

Moving to how our day went:

Waking up at 8, heading to wash the cars

Cats love this monster ;)

The guys at the car wash

And off to the dyno

Everything seemed tempting

The Staff at the Dyno

After taking all safety procedures, tightening up the straps, and making sure everything is going well so the car wouldn't jump off the dyno. The car took its run

After the Camaro left the dyno, the Chrysler went on.

Again, After taking all safety procedures, tightening up the straps, and making sure everything is going well. The car took its run

There was also a Dodge Ram Rumblebee 5.7
The guy wanted to test it before putting it under surgery
If we get any news about the mods, we will be posting them here ;)

So while the Ram was on the dyno, we heard this roaring noise coming around the corner, we got out to check. And it was an LS Powered Lumina SS.
looked pretty amazing. He's still doing some mods and then givin it a go on the dyno

Dyno day was over, I kept the results + mods in the video that you could find at the end of the page

Ended with an RC going up the dyno :P looked pretty cool


BlazerLover said...

Amazing day at the Dyno!!!

Ahmed said...

Hey guys,

Amazing day, nice cars, nothing could have been better.

Grats on the Chrysler run it was astouding

Sorry for the missing ponies ( Camaro guy )
i do feel your pain, but as long as you like the car and enjoy it a few horse powers in either +- wont differ.


Unknown said...

amazin job bro y3tek l 3afya

SRT8 ! said...

Thanks ahmed :)
looking forward to see your car on a dyno soon ;)

Anonymous said...

first one who make comment
your clip
it was incredible
Congratulations man
Excellent Results
but not what i Expected i thought you will reached more than 550 hp
but you reached already a great performance mashaaallah
so i wish you to make more videos for that monster
proud cause you that monster owner
best wishes
SRT8 for ever

SRT8 ! said...

Hi odilon..
I guess 544 hp is 6 hp less than 550 hp ;)
am glad to get that number though
Thanks man..
waiting for your monster to wakeup ! :)

VW r32 said...

stunning performance for the SRT8 ;)
i just would like the address for this dyno?

Abdulla Ja'afari said...

VW r32 please send me an E-Mail to

Unknown said...

OUCH @ Taher's monster!
such a disaster at the highway!

Tariq Shiqwara.

SRT 8! said...

Thanks bro :D

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