Monday, September 5, 2011

Toyota JDM in Amman

Influenced by the Toyota gatherings done by SpeedHunters, A few Toyota owners here in Jordan decided to gather up a pure JDM list of Toyotas, from Carinas, AE86's, and others.

 The organizer of this event was Hussain AlKurdi, a Toyota fan and owner.

The gathering started at Abdoun Mall's parking lot just to gather the cars. And then we moved in a straight line to the new Abdoun - Marj al Hamam street to park the cars and take some photos.


 One of the cleanest gauges i've seen in a long time for such a classic

*Photo credits to: Abdulla Ja'afari


Anonymous said...

a7la JDM nice pics!

Diaa Al-gwasmi said...

Man bde 9war 2l Toyota 2l corona 2l 7amra momken plz ?!

Diaa al gawasmi said...

?! helloooooooooooo

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