Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Launch] The all new Porsche Carrera 991

On Sunday, the 26th. Nuqul Automotive and Porsche have launched 2 models of their all new 2011 Porsche Carrera 991. The 991 Carrera, and the 991 Carrera S.

The launching ceremony happened at the Nuqul dealership, And I think their event management agency have done one hell of a job at it. It was full of history that needed to be there, some oldschool blues/rockish guitar playing, and some of the new 991's ancestors.

Before I get into the new 991, Lets just get with the earlier Carrera models.
The 911SC from the Late 70s:

3.0L Engine, with a 5 Speed transmission going on all 4 wheels.
Beautiful looking classic! Specially with the 70s decoration all around it.

To the late 80s with the Porsche 964, A first time Power steering, ABS brakes, Electric automatic spoiler, fitted with a 6 cyl 3.6L engine producing 247 HP.

Growing up a few more years, with the Carrera 993 from the early 90s with a 3.6L engine and good looking Dual exhausts.

Porsche has kept developing their cars in many ways, like in Technology, Performance, and Aerodynamics.
Having some of the most powerful Porsches ever produced, such as the 997 GT2RS. And the top of the line transmission option, the PDK tranny being introduced for the first time on the 997.

The base Carrera model weighing 1490 kgs (+30 for PDK) uses a 3.6L boxer engine, with 340 hp doing 0-60 in 4.7 secs
While the Carrera S weighing 1500 kgs (+30 for PDK) uses a bigger 3.8L engine, with 380 hp doing 0-60 in 4.5 secs

Using higher specs with Launch control on some models, more efficient disc brakes.
Available in 5 speed automatic, 6 speed manual, and 7 speed PDK

And the ceremony begins, the separators were lifted and all 5 models just stood there looking good.
After a few cool videos projected on the screens, Imad Hanania; the Brand Manager of Porsche Amman took the stage and spoke a bit about the earlier models, and the history of Porsche. Followed by the managing director of Porsche Middle East & Africa.

After anxiously waiting for over an hour, the introduction has finished and spotlights were all over the all new 991!

The all new 2011 Porsche Carrera 991, for the first time in Jordan revving it's engine, attracting every single person in the room just to go for a closer look and feel! over a hundred fingerprints all over the car.. We really can't blame them.

The new Carrera S with a 3.8L straight 6 cylinder engine in the rear, produced 395 hp which has 15 more hp than the earlier S model.
The normal Carrera has a 3.4L 6-cyl rear engine, produces 345 hp, just 5 more hp.

Optional Start/stop engine option, an electro-mechanical power steering system, and for the first time ever, If not a PDK, then a 7 speed Manual transmission! weight reduced by 45 kgs for the PDK option

A Meaner looking rear with smaller rear lights, a better aerodynamic body style and the same good looking quad exhausts as the 997.

Huge sun roof, that looks and feels just right to have in such a good looking sport car. Not just a sport car though, An all new 991 Carrera.

For the prices and all, Make sure you pass by the Nuqul Porsche dealership! Enjoy

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Cool article! I'm happy Porsche Jordan brought this car while it's still too new!!!!

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