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The new 2013 KTM Adventure 1190/R

We were invited a while ago to Beirut by Darwazeh Motors, who recently acquired the KTM Motorcycle dealership in Jordan, to go and check out the latest release by KTM which is the new KTM 1190 Adventure and Adventure R. Where it has been a long awaited bike after the 990.

The new 1190 Adventure will make a big mark in the market, where it has really shown its much more improved performance, handling, and beautiful setups for going on and off the road.

We were welcomed by the Lebanese dealer, A.N.Boukather, to their beautiful showroom where they had various KTM models, but still, our focus went to the beautiful 1190 ;)

The KTM 990 Adventure started production back in 2006, where it had competed with other big names such as the Ducati with their Multistrada, The BMW with their R1200GS, and the Yamaha with the XT1200Z. The competition was tough, and remained on every off-roader's mind on which bike to go to, and the KTM did beautifully then.

But after 6 years, Riders went seeking for more power and better performance.

And that's when KTM has decided to create something new, something that they could show off with and show that they can be innovative and add something new to the world of motorcycles.

The new 1190 got into production in 2013, and after KTM showing some numbers and technical specs on the bike online, riders everywhere who were into that bike's criteria just wanted to get their hands on the bike and see if the numbers are real, and how will it feel like!

While the launch ceremony was running, we had our time going through those numbers and just wait to see the actual bike, look at it from different angles and then really see what's this bike is all about.

At the launch, there was Red Bull's Motorcross champion from the UAE, Mohammed AlBaloushi, where he attended the ceremony to present the bike, and also join us on our journey at the Motorcross track.

And there it is ladies and gentlemen, The new KTM 1190 Adventure, presented in grey color with the optional engine guard and side bags.

Now just to give some details about the new 1190 Adventure, the bike produces 150 hp, on the weight of 230 kg (wet), has a 2 cylinder V-twin 4-stroked engine, liquid cooling, 6 speed transmission, has a WP suspension system which we'll be talking about later, has dual disc brakes on the front with a single disc on the rear and powered by Brembo.

And here is the 1190 Adventure R, which has a tougher personality than the regular Adventure. The two bikes are very similar but with subtle differences aimed at increasing the R's ability at off-roading.

Both bikes have the same engine, same chassis, same gear ratios, same power, and there are many other similarities. But coming to what's different, we can call out some stuff like, you can't fit in the KTM's Electronic Damping System (EDS) and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to the Adventure R, while they're optional on the standard Adventure.

We got some more details by VisorDown on the differences, check them out here:
1. Wheelsize: The Adventure R has a 21" front wheel and 18" rear wheel as opposed to the 19/17 on the Adventure. The exact dimensions are 2.50 x 21" / 4.50 x 18". Both versions feature KTM's new spoked wheels with tubeless rims.
2. Suspension: Both bikes feature WP fully-adjustable suspension front and rear however the R version's travel is increased at the front and rear from 190mm to 220mm. Due to the taller suspension, the ground clearance is also increased on the 1190 Adventure R. It sits at 250mm, compared to 220mm on the 1190 Adventure. Most of the 1190 Adventures coming into the UK will feature EDS.
3. Screen: The screen on the Adventure R is shorter but it's still height adjustable.
4. Handlebars: The bars on the Adventure R are wider to allow greater leverage The steering head angle remains the same 64-degrees on both bikes.
5. Crash Bars: The Adventure R feature's KTM's crash bars as standard, for greater protection. These can be fitted optionally to the standard Adventure.

6. Seat: The R features a one-piece seat as opposed to the Ergo seat on the 1190 Adventure. Due to the longer-travel suspension, the seat height on the Adventure R is fixed at 890mm whereas the seat height on the 1190 Adventure is 860mm at its lowest but adjustable up to 875mm.
7. Weight: The R weighs 5kg more than the Adventure. The larger rims and crash bars mean the 1190 Adventure R tips the scales at 217kg wet but without fuel.
8. Wheelbase & Trail: Although the steering head angle remains the same for both bikes, the taller suspension and larger wheels on the R contribute towards altering the trail and the wheelbase. The front wheel spindle is set directly in-line with the fork on the Adventure but slightly further forward on the Adventure R. The trail on the Adventure is 120mm and the wheelbase is 1560mm but on the Adventure R the trail is 108mm and the wheelbase is 1580mm.
9. Graphics: You'd be forgiven for thinking the front bodywork on the Adventure R is slimmer than the Adventure but the Adventure R's the light-coloured tank and graphics finish alters the bike's look. The bodywork is the same but the one-piece seat and two-tone paint makes the R look slimmer.

Did we mention that you can fit an Akrapovic to that beast? Mmmm, lovely sound!

After being done with the press event, A.N.Boukather had scheduled a really cool day for us where we followed the ANB Motorcycle club to the KTM Motorcross racing track, where we were invited to check out a very cool race organized for young and very experienced drivers.

Check out that 990 Duke! Now that's a lovely bike man .. seriously! I'd want to have one of those

The weather was cold, the soil was grippy, and the racers were all hyped and aiming at having the time record on the track.

It was the first time we actually experience being at a motorcross track and have all those lightweight bikes jumping around, going sideways, and going crazy on the track.

*Photo credit go to

We were separated into 3 groups of 4 to try out the bike, for 1 group to take the bikes on their test drive ride, while the other 2 groups watch the motorcross race.

Unfortunately we weren't able to take pictures on the move as we couldn't drive a motorcycle and take photos at the same time, don't you wish you have a 3rd hand sometimes?

So we went from the track, to the uphill roads of Batroun where the 4 bikes were led by someone who actually knew the roads.

*Photo credit go to

I wasn't sure of what to expect from the bike's performance, but man .. that bike was fast! and was very agile at the same time. It can take corners like a sport bike, but still damp enough and be stable on the ground like an adventure bike. What actually helped the most was the driving modes which were available to change through on the bike.

The new 1190 Adventure has 4 driving modes: Sport, Street, Offroad, and Rain.
The sport mode needs an experienced driver, where it will let go of some minor slippage and allow a bit of drift-like wheelspins.

Street is for smooth driving, giving full engine power but still keep you comfortable on the road.

Rain mode limits you to 100 hp, and increase the work of the traction control and limit any slippage.

Offroad, now that's a whole different bike, where it will give you 100% of power, with controlled drifting-like slippage, and allow you to have the bike going nuts and realizing what's actually happening.

All of that which can be switched off along with the ABS system.

Back to the bike's performance, as soon as we gave it some throttle, the bike just blasts forward and traction control keeps blinking, letting you know that if you had it off, you would've started doing wheelies. Which, we definitely didn't want to do on a curvy uphill road. That massive power is coming from the 1190 engine, which is the same engine used on the KTM RC8 R superbike!

As a final walk around the bike's detailing and exterior, LEDs on the rear brake light and turning signals, along with a support piece of metal to hold accessories such as bags and such.

2 digital screens next to the RPM gauge, which will keep you updated with which driving mode you're on, the speedometer, which gear you're in, along with fuel, temperature, and other information that you can go through.

KTM used Motorex oil as standard on their new bikes, and they recommend to use them on your next oil changes.

WP suspension system, which was developed by WP in Austria, which are right around the corner from KTM's factory.

So that's it guys, the new KTM is out and available in the market. Check out Darwazeh Motors in Wadi Saqra for more information, and maybe even book yourself one of those bikes that will definitely change your mind and get you something new away from choosing between only cruiser bikes or sport bikes. You think you've seen it all? The Adventure will show you differently ;)

You can check more details and specs with the video below:

Photography credits: Abdulla Ja'afari

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