Monday, October 21, 2013

Nissan Silvia Drift Build [Part 1]

One of the world's most favorite drift cars, and the most exciting chassis for drifting, was recently brought to Jordanian lands. The Nissan Silvia (owned by Ahmad Daham) became the first in the country to go into this field to compete in Jordan, and maybe later on all around the region.

We've been on spot with the building process since day 1, covering it inch by inch from inside out.
Built by Smart Performance, with the top of the line local mechanics, with the right parts and modifications, aiming to get it up to almost 850 WHP.

The S13 chassis arrived from Dubai city, as it's nowhere to be found in Jordan. The body work started over there to get an S15 conversion and a full Vertex body kit, then shipped to Smart Performance to handle it mechanically.

A parts list was assembled to create the ultimate drift machine on high standards. It goes like this:

Reinforcements, Suspension system, and Brakes:

Custom Cages multipoint T45
Wisefab 65 degress of lock
SPL control arms
Welded rear diff
Evo 9 brembo calipers & discs
ARP wheel studs, SR lugnuts
ROTA P-45R3 18x8 front , 18x10.5 rear with 60mm spacers
ASD Handbrake
AIM mxl dash
NRG quick release
Rear Ksport Pneumatic air jack


Toyota 2JZ engine
Borgwarner Turbo
Titan custom camshafts
Titan Crank pulley
Titan cam pulley
Supertech springs valves
Meizer Electric water pump
ID 1000 injectors
ATL 40ltr fuel cell
Titan fuel rails
2x044 fuel pumps
Aeromotive FPR
Link Extreme G4+
HKS intercooler
Mocal oil cooler
Quarter master triple clutch
Straight pipe exhaust
Xcessive engine mount brackets
Circuit sports engine mounts

The chassis was here, and suspension parts have arrived. due to some hold-backs, the engine and the rest of the parts still didn't come. The team started assembling whatever was possible to make it stand on its 4 wheels, starting with the wisefab kit, control arms, diff, to brakes.

Brembo brakes were in, and the rear looked great after installing 60mm spacers to the 10.5 inch rims.

As you can see here, the Wisefab steerlock kit gives the ability to have a 65 degrees turn, which would really make a difference with the car's drifting angle.

Before we end this part of the building process, the engine has finally arrived to the shop to be rebuilt and reworked to fit ours needs.

This silvia is gonna be a total Hoonigan's car when it's done. So keep an eye around and wait for our next update later on!

We did a small teaser for the Silvia earlier, there you go :)


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure that Dahham will take it 1st place for the next 20 years! :P

Anonymous said...

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