Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Annual Classic & Collector Car Show

On the occasion of His Late Majesty King Hussein's Birthday; November 14th,
The Royal Automobile Museum have presented its First "Annual Classic & Collector Car show".

I got invited to the event, and went to check it out. And I couldn't believe the cars they've gathered from all around the country! such as Nissan GTR, Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2, Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series, and many more!

The event was up for 2 days. 1st day was kind of private with invitations only, but the 2nd day was an open invitation to everyone.

Every car had a stand in front of it with the car's details (Make, Model, Horsepower, Engine type and size, Car owner, and other information) which was very informative to many people curious about the cars. Which also helped the guests pick "The People's Choice Award" for the most voted car.

Through out the event there were games for the kids, cotton candy, cartoon characters, and lots of entertainment including some quizzes and many prizes!

Which brings me to the Sony Playstation 3 Gran Turismo tournament they had! I was surprised! They had a time attack lap, with the Nissan GTR as the only car (makes it fair for everyone). They wrote down every person's lap time. and at the end of the day they gave prizes to the top 3. i got 2nd place myself.

At the end of the event, we've gathered the car votes of 2 days. And the winner was:

*Drum rolls*

The 2010 Nissan GT-R
followed by the Ferrari F430, and the Benz CLK63.

I've taken a few photos at the event, and uploaded them below:


Anonymous said...

Amazing carsss :O man nobody told me about this! why do they never tell? :(

M E said...

it was indeed an amazing event! a collector car show by all means! My favorite car was the Nissan GT-R ...
Thanks Abe for sharing ...
( If I know who the Anonymous is, I would invite them to the next event :) )

Anonymous said...

I was at the event and gave my vote to the Audi Quattro

dod said...

wow nice shots ...i couldnt make it to the event =( im sure it was amazing =\ maybe next time i will be n one of the picture >.< NICE SHOTS AJ

Anonymous said...

More than amazing event!! Nice job dude :) Keep going in front and wish you the best :)

Anonymous said...

wooooooo nomar el siyyarat sa77

Hashem Shashaa said...

hi guys , the cars are amazing , and the photography is amazing too, but why didnt u guys tell us about the event !
and when do u have another event ?

Abdulla Ja'afari said...

Hashem, thanks alot for your comment :)
The Museum had actually advertised about this on the radio and on facebook! make sure to join the Royal automobile museum's facebook group :)
and this event will be annual (every year)

Hashem Shashaa said...

oh then its my bad !
sorry man !
but i really loved the photos 5ososan the lambo , i mean the way u took the photos!

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