Friday, November 12, 2010

Motorcycles in Amman! [UPDATED]

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Recently, motorcycles got legal to own in Amman! The laws have been changed and it's much easier now to get yourself a motorcycle.

I've been asking around on how to get the license and how to get a motorcycle licensed. and I've reached the results below:
First thing you have to do is to go to the Licensing (Tarkhees), go to The Pen (Al Qalam), and Request some legal approvals (Mowafaqat Amniya) for a motorcycle. They will take some information and tell you to come back in 2 weeks.

While you're waiting, you go to Al Khebra center located in Shafa Badran and get your motorcycles lessons. (Make sure you have 75 JDs, License[if acquired], and personal pictures).

Now that the Royal Motorcycle Club of Jordan have fully opened their training center, You can now take classes by professionals at a really well developed course. but their prices are not cheap. You can contact them for more information.

You finish your driving lessons, get your certificate, and head back to licensing. Go to the Pen and ask for your approval papers, Then you gotta do a whole bunch of paper work. (have some white background photos of yourself, also some money).

They will set you an exam (probably on a Sunday). some more paper work (plus some more paying) and congratulations! You have your driving license.

Total Cost: around 150 JDs (if you choose Khebra center, pass from the first time, and skipped the oral test)

Now for the owning a motorcycle part:

You must be a member of the Royal Motorcycle club, Which is located at the Royal Automobile Museum.
Marj al Hamam, very close to Harley Davidson.

You must be at least 25 years old, And must sign some indemnity forms.
Then you have to pay 1850 JDs for the first time (then it gets to 350 annually) 

 UPDATE: The RMCJ Have decreased their admission fees to:
  • Single membership: 800 JDs (+350 yearly fees)
  • Family membership: 1500 JDs

That allows you to register any bike over 250cc, but has to be from 2 last years model (i.e: we're in 2010 so it must be a 2009 or a 2010 model) in your name fully licensed.

Hope this was helpful.

My blog will be updated from time to time with various subjects concerning the automobile field.

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M E said...

Hey ! This is Great ! Thanks for sharing...
and Good luck ;)

dmind said...

yalla 2 more years and am geting a scooter lol now

Abdulla Ja'afari said...

hehe dmind if you're 18 years or older you can get yourself a scooter limited to 150cc (unless you have a company then you can get 250)

dod said...

you must be at least 25 years old!! damn it =.=

Anonymous said...

Great post man, very informative
keep them coming!

Digital Ali said...

Hey AJ, Great work :) yala will promote you on JC :)and keep me posted with the latest posts ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot :D helpful!!!

Anonymous said...

ughh i was thinking of bringing one with me from Canada in summer and sell it there before i leave.. its a 2003 kawasaki ninja... too bad :(

great work man! keep it up

Noufal said...

you rock buddy! excellent blog, i put it in my bookmarks to check the new updates, plz if you have any info about customs (JOMROK) for motorcycles plz tell us about it. thx again dude :))

Anonymous said...

I'm a girl who lives in Jordan and I've been asking about this for a long time
can't I get the license before 25?

Unknown said...

If i had a 250cc bike and i get a license.. does that mean i cant legaly ride it unless im a member of the motercycle club?

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