Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Registration for Dyno Day [Videos]

Most of you guys heard about the new dyno center that opened recently in Jordan.
The "NMK Dyno Centre" located in the Bayader Industrial Area.

I went to the place to check it out, after being lost for half an hour in the industrial area, i finally found it!
There aren't signs or anything on the building yet.
It's a white hanger with blue doors, looks brand new so it won't be that hard find in Bayader. lol.

It's still not fully open, they've just made a soft-opening for the center.
The owner of the place is Nijem Al Kurdi, who's also known for his partnership in 4x4 No.1 (Which i'll be blogging about soon).

He've been working on opening this dyno for ages, and what took the most is to get all the permissions and licenses needed. And finally, he got them.

The Deynamometer used is a Mustang dynamometer-1100. an AWD Dyno that can take Cars and Motorcycles with power up to 3500 horsepower. All set and ready to run.

They've made several runs for Evos, BMWs, and some motorcycles. But the main news here is, in celebration of its Soft-Opening, The Center will be holding an event titled "Dyno Day".

The event will be limited to 25 Cars, Each car will get 2 pulls/power curves & one timed 0-100KM/H on the dyno for a special rate of 50 JDs (Instead of 95 JDs for normal days).
So if you were thinking of testing your car, this is the right time.

Other upcoming events:
-Motorcycle Dyno Day Event
-BMW Only Dyno Day Event
-V8's Only Dyno Day
-EVO's Vs Impeza Horsepower Shootout

Did I mention that the dyno can also Simulate a drag race??
On the Dyno using a Drag Sim Software. Jordan now has Drag Racing! it's Legal!

There will also be a Horsepower League, where they will start a Top 50 League of Jordan's most powerful cars. Just like top gear's Laptime records =)

To register, please contact Mr.Nijem at nmkdynocentre@gmail.com with your car's information.
Note: Registration ends on Thursday Feb 10th.

Here are some videos of cars doing the dyno test:


Anonymous said...

THAT'S AWESOME i always wanted to test my AUDI A8 :)

>>>KD187 said...

Holy Crap...cant wait for saturday !

NMK Dyno Centre said...

Abdulla thank you for your support from Day One. I hope that on Saturday we get to see a great selection of cars. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday! Many thanks again

Abdulla Ja'afari said...

Anon1: well you should show up with your R8 my friend ;)

Nijem thanks alot for your comment! We gotta support our local scene and make it grow :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Can't wait :D shekelha sa77

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