Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ammani Day Out

After such a cold, and rainy week. We came upon a great weather last Saturday, that we decided to do a small tour around our lovely city of Amman, just to chill around and to do a photoshoot!

I went into my time machine and went back in time, brought a 1977 Corvette, and a 1983 Camaro Z28. And upon arrival, we hit up some of the guys from this century and invited their V8's to join in!

Oh and If you think you can fit in and would like to join us. Send us an Email through the Contact us page

Headed to the Royal Automobile Museum as our starting point. They've welcomed us upon arrival and gave us a great tour inside of the museum to see some of the world's finest cars in amazing condition.
And some other extremely rare cars such as the Mercedes-Benz McLaren Stirling Moss.

We ended our tour and we hit the road.

We started our tour with 5 cars: Aston Martin Vantage V8, 2010 Camaro SS, 1983 Camaro Z28, 1977 Corvette, And a Chrysler 300C SRT8. (pictures taken from inside the Chrysler)

The Aston had to leave here :(

Old Meets New ;)

And the Photoshoot began

One of my personal favorite shots

And a group picture with everyone


SRT8 ! said...

Nice cars mashalla :D

K5 said...

Amazing pics man!! and even better cars!! :D

Anonymous said...

Fesh ba3ed el srt8 ya shabab!

Anonymous said...

Great Photos ,Great cars ,you should do it again but post the event in Face book tweeter etc,Summer is coming we hope to see more .Good job

SRT8 ! said...

thanks guys for comments, we'll do it again with more cars soon :)

Unknown said...

very nice best of luck mr AJ and keep it up with the good work

Ishaq Hajarat said...

Very nice... next time am in!wont miss it this time

jose(ESPANIA TRES) said...


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