Monday, May 16, 2011

[Video] 2011 Lexus LFA hits Amman and shakes the Jordanian Market!

On April 30th, Something big hit Jordan and got all motorheads talking and calling each other just to spread the word. The All new 2011 Lexus LFA have arrived to Jordanian grounds!!

I got a call from a close friend of mine working at Al Markaziya, letting me know that they've just brought this Japanese monster. I let everything go and went there straight ahead just to know if this is true or not.

And as you can see, It's Alive and revving.

First time I saw it, It seemed exactly like in the pictures. Aggressive, perfectly aerodynamic, Big, And can easily turn heads at an entrance. Just waiting to be unleashed.
In my personal opinion? after admiring every single angle, This is a Nissan GTR taking a full course of steroids!

The 2011 LFA has a 4.8 liter V10 Lexus Engine, 6-Speed ASG transmission, 552 Horsepower, with 480 N·m of Torque. all that power but it weights 1,480 kilograms! Which is kind of heavy for a sueprcar.

Goes from 0 to 60 mp/h in 3.6 seconds without Launch Control. With the top speed of 326 km/h.

At first, Lexus was only planning to produce 300 units. But for some reason they've been increased to 500 worldwide. Without various specs, It's just 1 car with different colors. All cars were made in Japan so this is a purely Japanese supercar.

As the Lexus dealership (Al Markaziya) here ordered this car at its launch, It was delivered after 1 and a half years of waiting! which is VEERY long only because It's handbuilt. And this exact car is number 078 out of 500.

As for you guys who were wondering of After-sales services. believe it or not, the markaziye maintenance center have gotten full training for this exact car. And the owner should have no problems getting it serviced.

Now for the price? This beauty costs 650 thousand Jordanian Dinars ($916,000 USD) after adding all taxes and customs fees. Making it the most expensive car being sold from an official dealer in Jordan.

Photography done by: Odai  Al-Hamarneh

Here's a small video I took with a crappy quality camera, Just to show you how it sounds revving:


Anonymous said...

Nice looking , bas doesnt worth that price for a lexus car ! it should much lower than that !

Anonymous said...

This is worth every dinar, its perfectly built in every way but i do admit you can buy a Ferrari or 2 for the same price but this is a proper drivers car, having this shows you know what true driving is not just some big brand name.

Anonymous said...

Japanese cars ftw

Anonymous said...

a lamborghini avantador , much better looking, faster , and worth every dinar it worths ! its just a toyota whether you accept that or not ! you may find a fault with something in the car in the couple years lol !
for that price i can buy a ford gt hennessey , or porsche carrera gt ,or slr 722, ferrari 458 !!!!

Anonymous said...

the car is amazing , and strong , bass el saraha the price is really expensive!

do2sh said...

how much dose it cost in amman ???

Anonymous said...

Lexus or Toyota badge on it doesn't change there is only 500 being made. Not only are people paying for a race car, they are also a unique few who will ever have them. This is unlike a lot of other super cars out there. Just look up much the Toyota company is making in profit on the car even at it's current price tag. They made a sports car and didn't care that they aren't going to recoup the R&D for the car and for the process of build the car.

Anonymous said...

lissatha bi ma3rad lexus??

Anonymous said...

Just the most phenomenal new exotic supercar.

The fact that it had everything made for it with nothing from the part's bin makes it different than any other supercar.

It is also one of the fastest supercars around the race track today.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, for the guy calling Lexus LFA "just another Toyota" and yet, praising the Avantador.

That is like saying "Avantador is just another Volks wagen" simply because Lambo is owned by Veedub.

Also, LFA is a track racing car homologation that competes in races in near-stock form. So far no present Lambo has been able to beat the LFA around the race track. The LP570-4 (quicker around the track than LP670-4 SV) was beaten by LFA in 3 different independent track tests.

Anonymous said...

but i would take the super veloce over lfa anytime!

Anonymous said...

its so much more beautiful in person... i encourage anyone who loves cars to take a look

Samer Naser said...

80% looks like Audio R8 from back and side !!!

Anonymous said...

What a car! it's not expensive at all, did you know that Lexus are selling at at a loss of 1,000,000 dollars? it costs 1.5 million and they're selling it for 0.5 million just to show people what they're capable of building!

I know everyone is talking about how good it looks but I was one of very few lucky people that got to hear the sound of its throttle! and that is by far the sexiest sound I have ever heard! The engine sound was tuned by Yamaha Acoustics. How did they think of that?!

Love this car!

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