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Porsche World Roadshow - Jordan

There is no better way to experience the excitement of Porsche than to drive one.

This is why Porsche conducts the Porsche World Roadshow, an international driving event, designed to give potential customers the opportunity to drive a range of Porsche models for one day in different situations.

In 2011, the Porsche World Roadshow came to Jordan. Bringing 16 vehicles of the current model range for this exciting event. Accompanied by specially trained European driving instructors. Through this Roadshow, we experienced the driving of the Porsche 911, Cayman, Boxster, Cayenne and Panamera in various trims such as S, 4S, GTS, and Turbo. And disciplines, such as handling, braking and on-track driving with lap time race. Each section includes theoretical instruction followed by practical application, in which drivers can put into practice what they have just learned.

Our day started with meeting at the Porsche dealership by Nuqul Automotive at 7th circle.
and found this really cool scaled down Hummer! parked next to a Carrera

Upon arrival, we see the special car of the event, The Porsche 911 GT3.
3.6 Liter H6 rear engine, producing 429 horsepower. 6 speed manual transmission.
But we never got the chance to drive it! apparently there was a shipment of tires that didn't arrive on time. Just our luck!

The Porsche Panamera Turbo with 4.8 Liter V8 front engine producing 493 horsepower.
Amazing acceleration, lovely handling, and It's just very responsive! I absolutely loved this car.

The Carrera 4S with the aero kit with 3.8 H6 rear engine, producing 380 horsepower. 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.
This was personally my favorite car at the event. amazing handling, It just goes wherever you want it to go. and it looks just AMAZING! With the Aero kit (GT3 spoiler, with the whole aerodynamic bodykit).

Red exterior, with Black leather interior and red stitching. With all the hard component in Carbon fiber. perfect combo.

As I mentioned before about the GT3 tires. This is why they can't just get any set of tires on that car. They have 80 Treadwear!!!!! Which is just outstanding, So much grip for such a quick car.

Small tip: Less treadwear the tire got = More grip you have (But don't even think of getting it near water)

 A Picture of the 3 great instructors we had on our tour (from the right: Stef, Bjorn, and Tobijas)

So in Amman. For the first time ever in its six year presence, Porsche Centre Jordan, Nuqul Automotive, presented Porsche’s entire model range by offering a full-day driving program – the Porsche World Roadshow. Participants had the rare chance to test-drive the ultimate range of high-performance cars over a period of eight days.

After getting all tips on all the cars, also some information about the best driving position to get full control of the car. (Back straight, when resting foot or full throttle knees must be bent, and when you stretch your arms full straight, your wrists should be rested on the steering wheel's top angle).

So we started by Heading to the Dead Sea!

And heading up to the panorama view through mount nebo

This is what Porsche is all about, the distinctive joy of driving. Driving uphill was way much more fun than going downhill.

So far we've experienced the driving of the Porsche Cayman S, Cayenne, Panamera Turbo, and Carrera S.

The mid-engine Cayman S was absolutely amazing! I loved the weight distribution on the car, Whenever you hit the gas it just gives you raw horsepower that you can feel right inside of you! Was such a great car to drive.

The Cayenne we drove was very simple, very comfortable and is just a cruiser SUV with sporty German taste.

The Panamera Turbo, one of the most powerful cars at the event, was trying to drive normally, but when you press the sport button and the cut out exhaust just opens, It's just roaring and wants you to hit some speeds!

Now just to let you know, we were separated into 3 groups, every group had an instructor at front.
I was actually with Bjorn who was a great guy, and a great driver too. We were all connected through radio walkie-talkies with our instructor. While you're normally driving. you just get a beep on your radio, with Bjorn simply saying "GO". And now you gotta show off your driving skills and try to catch up with him.

I had 2 other cars infront of me (Carrera S and Cayman S) that were driving normally so we kept losing Bjorn. So I had Sport plus on, took the left lane and just hit the gas. I over took both cars and stayed right next to the instructor in no time. thanks to the turbo'd V8 ;)

Anyways, The Rear engine Carrera S. I didn't like it at all! You try to accelerate, the car does that but you just never feel it!

After we reached the top of the panorama curvy road, we took a rest and had some soft refreshing drinks.
And did some Car-Driver exchange.

Ammani with the Cayman S

After that, we went downhill to Ma'in

Arriving at the Evason 6 Senses hotel at Ma'in were they had lunch ready for us after our great journey.
We also had some massage sessions which were really mind blowing! all muscles relaxed

Cars ready, we're leaving Ma'in and going uphill again to Madaba and then going to the Amman Exhibition Park (opposite to Dunes club)

And off we go again! but this time I took the beautiful Carrera 4S with the aero kit

Going uphill, we test drove the Carrera 4S, and the Cayenne Hybrid.

As I said, The Carrera 4S was my personal favorite car of the event. Very responsive, smooth noise of the engine revving, and was great to handle on the curvy road, specially on higher speeds when Bjorn playing Cats and mouse where we "try" to chase after him

Cayenne hybrid, well.... It's a hybrid.

All drivers were given the opportunity to test-drive different cars during this special event day to find out which model fits their needs best. In challenging activities such as slalom or breaking, participants tested the remarkable driving and safety features of all Porsche models along the way.

Arrival at the exhibition park where It was all set for us for our braking and stability tests. alongside the Lap time record race!

So Right before we started, at the briefing we were asked not to turn the PSM off. As the instructors said, PSM does not refer to "Please Switch Me off". But it referred to "Please Save Me". the abbreviation to the Porsche Stability Management system which is basically the stability control system developed by Porsche.

But when reacing the Amman exhibition park, we had full freedom to switch it off and have some fun on a safe track ;)

The lap time race's briefing by our instructor Bjorn.

 First lap was done by Bjorn as a demonstration on how to do it.

Then I took my turn! I actually got 32 seconds sharp. The first on my group had around 29.

 A little bit of drifting by Bjorn with the Porsche Boxster Spyder

 Braking test done by the Porsche Panamera 4S

 Stability test done with the Carrera 4

 Another drifting lap but this time with the Cayman S

Group picture

And at the end of the day, we drove back to Amman in the Cayenne Turbo. An SSUV. Super sport utility vehicle as I call it. We were so tired to push the car around and see what its got. So I can't really say anything beside that It was such a perfect ride to go back home in.

And leaving you with a beautiful shot of the Porsche GT3

Imad Hanania, Brand Manager at Porsche Centre Jordan, said: “Every Porsche model offers outstanding performance, so it is important for drivers to learn how to harness such power safely; the Porsche World Roadshow aims to achieve this in a fun environment with world-class instructors.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to see so many guests enjoying a rewarding Porsche experience at such a magnificent surroundings”, Hanania added.

And at last but not least, A Very huge gigantic Thank you to the team of Tactix! For showing such a great job organizing this whole event. for caring about the finest details to make this event the way it was,"

And another huge thank you to Nuqul Automotive for offering us such a great experience with Porsche! What a way to get the Jordanian cars scene even bigger and more noticeable.


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