Monday, June 13, 2011

Toyota Landcruiser 60th Anniversary 4x4 Day Out

Development of the first generation Toyota Land Cruiser began in 1951 as Toyota's version of a Jeep-like vehicle. So As a few weeks ago, the Landcruiser have turned 60 years old. And Al-Markaziyeh decided to throw a 60th anniversary birthday party... Offroading style!

To go with how our day went, Everyone got into their cars and we started our journey
We arrived at the starting point, which was located at the Amman International Motorshow. Finding so many eye catching cars, from stock offroaders, to lifted monsters with huge tires.

We were split into 2 categories, The Family trail which had slight offroading with normal driving around the desert, and the Adventure trail which was more of an adrenaline pumping trail.
Although it was a Toyota organized event, but as you can see everyone was welcome. Even if they weren't Toyota owners.


At the beginning, we joined with the adventure trail. We had our trail's briefing, to explain our route, and rules. They had also equipped us with souvenirs, pastries, hygiene, and other stuff that we might need to use on our trip

Our journey began, heading 70 kilometers south of Amman into pretty much the middle of nowhere! We had no network signal, no people around, just plain desert and lots of Toyotas and offroaders

Here we left from Qasr al Toubah and headed into nowhere

After being lost for nearly an hour, not knowing which direction to take. We regrouped with the family trail convoy and discussed how to find our way back with the other guys

 The only way was to get others's attention was by driving back and forth, making some dust in the air to pinpoint our location to others

Our plan worked! Arrival of the first lost cars who were led to us by the dust in the air

After waiting for a long time doing nothing, we decided to go and "investigate" what lies ahead

Our expedition didn't turn out as expected, So we headed back to our regrouped convoy

On our journey, Al-Markaziye had 3 of their own cars as Support cars who joined the trails for us to keep up with. The cars were located at mountain tops. That's how they located us by the dust coming out from our convoy.

The funny part was that Our "Savior" the support car, had a flat tire half way through the journey!

Some of us opened the hood to let the engines cool down due to the constant up hill driving and surrounding temperature.

Unexpected incident for the support car. The jack used to lift up the car started slowly slipping aside because of the soft surface, and the enormous weight of the car. The most logical solution was to hold the car with the spare tire and slip the flat tire under the car to prevent it from completely hitting the ground. We fixed the position of the jack while the car is resting on the flat tire and lifted it up again.

And then we got back on track again

 A Beautiful sighting of camels drinking some water at this pond/lake was one of the main stops of the event before the finish line.

We spotted some evil looks going around, the guys got into their cars and things started to get a little muddy

One of the craziest parts was to spot a Range Rover Sport HSE tagging along, And it actually went offroading! with its stock tires!!

Bad ass looking wrangler looking like an ornament in the middle of the desert.

Front tires up

Rear wheels up

Finally back on the main road heading back to a private farm to have lunch and chill out with the guys
It looked pretty funny being all muddy, and dusty on the road

A funny looking Toyota looking cake to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Landcruiser

There's a whole article that I should be doing regarding the restoration of this classic Landcruiser very soon, so stay tuned!

Photography work by Odai Hamarneh


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Very cool!

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Great coverage and awesome photos man! Enjoyed the post :)

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nice event man !

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Awesome...loved the Range Rover :/

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that's marvelous ....

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you are hot guys i wish i was there

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