Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jordan Car Show 2011

Almost annually, Here in Jordan a Car show gets organized. Gathering the majority of car types from Tuners, to exotics, to classics.
We actually missed the Car show last year which we heard was successful. So we decided to visit this one and give it a go

The event was located at the Golf Club of Jordan. a few kilometers away south of Amman on Airport road.
Started at around 10 AM till late evening. From what we saw from the flyers, facebook event, banners, etc.

We thought that this is going to be interesting! But all we saw was a few good cars. Including the Racing Dimensions tuned cars. Read more to check the pictures

These are pictures of Laith Al Sharif's car. It's a Mitsubishi Evolution Tommi Makinen edition. Fitted with custom tunes, dyno'd up to 600+ horsepower on the wheel.

There was also a brand new Mitsubishi Evolution X MR owned by Hisham Al-Najjar from the Najjar Group racing team. the car is slightly stock as it's in American Specifications.

A picture showing under the hood of an Evo 6 owned by Ahmad Dahham. which recently broke the record at the NMK Dyno center.

Racing Dimensions had a few other cars laying around (mostly Evos) but those 3 were the most interesting ones to check out. The cars's variety was not that big. That was what made the car show a bit cold-ish.

Moving to other cars at the show:

Dodge Challenger SRT8. with 6.1 L Hemi Engine. cool car

The Chevrolet Camaro Transofmers Edition. Now this one is genuine! It was not just an emblem. The head rests had the autobots's logo. with the mid controls in autobots style as well.

Carbon Fiber hood with a plexi glass scoop right over the engine. now unfortuantely, this is based on the RS model. which is the V6 version but has the SS body kit.

 Very cool shifting knob

Going back to the roots, to the classics.

The Aston Martin V8 Coupe, beautiful car at the car show.

Some off-roaders by the 4x4  No.1 shop.

Some funny wrapping of a car, as an ad for their packing company. a big LOL

A Kyosho nitro RC. showcased by Hobby Center. This car was actually a prize car at the car show.

The Baja!

Now to some tuners, this is some pure Japanese stuff. pure JDM.

A Very cool JDM tag

Our friends from Nuqul Automotive were showcasing their latest arrivals. Thw Volkwasgen Golf R.

Overall, the car show was not that interesting as expected. It was very dusty, the entertainers on the speakers were very loud. And most importantly there weren't many cars!

But on the next week, we did our Ammani Super Tour just to make it up for ourselves and see some real super cars :)

Photo Credits go to: Yahia Shaheen


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