Sunday, July 3, 2011

AmmaniV12 Super Tour #2

After such a long wait, The members of the AmmaniV12 crew have increased and increased since the Last Tour we had before.
We came to a point where we just had too many cars and needed to show everyone what we do.

Our crew now has 14 members, From Oldschool American Muscle, up to Modern Italian and American beasts

The tour started from our private parking space offered by one of the owners. To gather the cars and gain some privacy.

We gathered at around 2:30 right after Friday prayer, Everyone met the other and we had some chats till everyone came.

The Brothers

Italian, German, Italian, British group

German, German, German, British group

The American Muscle group

And we actually had an extra car, which was the Safety car of our Tour. a Porsche Cayenne S also offered by one of the owners

We took off from our parking space with the following cars:
  • Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-4
  • Mercedes SLR McLaren
  • Audi R8
  • Ferrari F430
  • BMW M6 Competition Edition
  • Jeep Cherokee SRT8
  • Bentley Continental Super Sport (SS)
  • BMW 640 (2011 Model)
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2010 Model)
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage
  • Oldsmobile Cutlass
  • Porsche Carrera (1985 Model)
  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06
  • Porsche Cayenne S (Safety Car)

Unfortunately, We had to leave someone behind to go on with our tour.
After our roam in Abdoun, The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 died on us. The car suddenly stopped and we actually had to push it away from the street. Till today, there's still no news about what's wrong with the car.

Also some cars tried to join us, But we had a selected group of cars. No guests were allowed without permission. So we had to ask them not to follow us.

We had a small break just to move our feet and see how everything is going with the guys.

And off we go

We got an invitation from the Red Bull Park Drift event, to attend with our cars. So we headed to Airport Road. But before we do we had to take another break just for the guys to grab something to eat and drink.


Refueled our tanks, our stomaches, and started our engines.


Arrival to the Redbull event.

As we were promised, We should've had our own parking space with barriers and security for the cars. but guess what, there weren't any. Not just that! They didn't even have our names at the gates. We had some phone calls and lots of negotiations till we got ourselves in.

The drifting event started with Abdo Feghali doing some slalom drifting in a V6 Camaro which was kind of disappointing. We would've lent him one of our cars ..... NOT!

A Group picture of our Lovely crew. We had an amazing day and it all went well

Organized by Abdulla Ja'afari
Photography by Yahia Shaheen


Anonymous said...

Very nice dude :))))

Blazer- said...

Awesome!! :D

Ishaq Hajarat said...

VERY NICE, had a gd time, must do it again said...

maaan niiiiiiiiiiiiice mashalla
enshalla bnshuuf syarat aktaar el marra el jaay :)

khaledjafari said...

Abdullah, i love it, its breath taking just to see all these amazing cars in one time, am sure Amman went crazy!! keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Which guy is the owner of the Lamborghini?? <333 lol

Anonymous said...

any contact details?

Abdulla Ja'afari said...

For any further information you may find the email address on the "Contact us" page

SRT8 ! said...

It was a great day even i didn't get my car with you... mashalla kol syyara a7la min tanieh ! :D

Anonymous said...

Loved your work abdulla, it is really amazing, I loved how cooperative those people were! Mashalla 3alaikom all!

Ala'a Haddad said...

and what did you accomplish ?!
dubai cars and a few jordanian cars, cruising around amman...
how beneficial :/

Anonymous said...

lol @ (and what did you accomplish ?!) well, to be honest the guy has a point. after checking this, my life is still the same!! I think these events needs more.. mmm dunno more what... nth interesting, unless I was driving ofcourse. u can do better

Abdulla said...

Thanks for all the comments, But Ala'a really.. Are you a car enthusiast? Do you really LOVE cars? if you don't, then I'd expect such feedback.

But we actually had a great time, and gathered alot of cars lovers, had technical chats about our cars and we were very happy really.

And anon, What do you have in mind?

Ala'a Haddad said...

Well abdulla i am a car enthusiast indeed and i day-dream about cars all the time; specially at work :)
but all i see on this page is a bunch of pictures of some nice cars cruising around Amman and attending some event, and that it!

a small review about the driving experience about each car would've been nice, like how all that BHP interact on our fairly soft asphalt specially the guys who got their cars from Dubai can definitely feel the difference ;)

or what about the comfort of the ride, zay ma inta 3aref 3enna bil ordon bean kol jora wil tanyeh fe ma6ab :)

super-cars like the Lamborghini and Ferrari have low & though suspensions for good handling on corners doing high speeds, but that leads like i said to a rather bumpy uncomfortable ride...

i'm sure the readers as for myself would like to read about stuff like this instead of just looking at pictures.

am i right or am i right? :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ala'a Haddad, now you are starting to hate, instead of praising the event you are complaining. This was an event for enthusiasts, no sponsors,no profit, and no one got payed, but all did it for the love of it. This was a SuperCar cruise, done for the first time in Jordan, with thousands of horsepower involved under mature drivers, and not one incident or law breaking occurred. Owners showed their cars to the people, not hide them in our garages like what we Jordanians do and not have the heart to drive them more than once a year. Tell me an event like this that happened in this magnitude in the Kingdom. This isn't Top Gear for car reviews. This is what it only is, Cars and Owners interacting, having a good time, sharing thoughts, and socializing, done for MEMBERS and not for your satisfaction. This is pictures of a closed event. In the Layalina magazine, when they take pictures of you, do they ask them if they're having a good time or how's the experience, obviously not. Its a super tour and thats it

Ahmed Al Manaseer said...

That BMW M6 is sick! Wolf in sheeps clothing. I love it
BTW Is it a real one or a body kit? I saw this one last year but couldnt catch the driver to ask him.

SRT8 ! said...

Its not only a stock M6 ... its modded one mashalla ! alla y7meeha la sa7ebha

Ala'a Haddad said...

Mr. Anonymous, CHILL!
i didn't mean to criticize i know it's the first time anyone had ever done that in Jordan, but how do you relate me taking a picture in layalina to this?
and of course it's no top gear, we're a 100 light-years away from doing something that creative!
i don't care about the show-offs "SuperCar cruise" or about your CLOSED EVENT or MEMBERS, someone shared a link on my profile so i simply took a look and wrote what i thought.

so you just need to chill dude, for real!

Anonymous said...

The best car is the SLR by faaaaaaar :)

Abdulla said...

Ala'a, The point of this was to have fun with the guys, It was not really to review the cars.

The guys DID feel the difference between the emirate asphalt and the ones here. Every time they tried to give it some gas on lower speeds (higher acceleration) the cars used to lose traction and wasn't giving pure straight power.

Yes it was a closed event to attend but It's here just to show the pictures of what we're trying to do in Amman as AmmaniV12

And about some of the cars being from Dubai. Everyone was welcome to join. We do not care from where the car is. But just to let you know, most of the owners were Jordanians. It's just the license plate because the customs rates for such cars are just catastrophic.

We were there to have fun and meet other people.

There's something bigger coming up soon. we're still trying to get some licenses

Ala'a Haddad said...

Yeah i know! catastrophic indeed :(
can't we just have a little fun over here! anyway keep up the good work and hope to see more of this stuff.
take care

Anonymous said...

seriously guys, reading the comments themselves bored me to death, still no point was made, it's all a show off for a certain type of ppl who can afford such cars. and yes I wish to drive one, it's a dream. but nothing is interesting here, the internet is filled with cars pictures and as Ala' said, someone shared this on my profile as well, and it's normal to give an opinion. Chilllll dudes really not worth it!

Real Car Enthusiast said...

Ala'a....seriously go f*** urself
Dont call urself a car enthusiast when if when you see a group of the worlds finest super cars driving together and say its not "achieving" anything!

Anonymous said...

amazing cars i wish i was there to see them, but why do u call the group ammaniv12 if ur including V8's as well? and I'd rather see a camaro ss instead of the srt8. since its not only powerful but also gd looking! great event though :)

Anonymous said...

machallh el cars 3ala rasi
bas 3ala chu chayf 7alk

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