Thursday, October 18, 2012

RedBull Car Park Drift 2012 finals preparations

Back in 2011, RedBull has organized a couple of Car Park Drifting events in Jordan, with some of our local drifters qualifying to compete for the title of the Middle East's Drift King.

Ahmad Dahham have qualified last year, and competed at the finals in Lebanon but unfortunately, Jordan didn't take it. This year, a local drifter Mohammad Al Kukhun has qualified to the finals, but this time, The finals are held in the lowest point on earth; Dead Sea, Jordan.

With winners from all over the Middle East, shipping their cars to Jordan. Working hard on having their cars stronger and with better setups for the finals. The time has finally come for the best of the best to meet in one space. drifting for the title of Drift King.

One of Jordan's well known drifter, Ra'fat Haroun, will be competing with his heavily modified and redesigned BMW E36, sponsored by Roya TV, Toyo Tires, and racing under Valvoline's racing team.

2 days before the event, the cars have gathered at Abdoun Mall's parking lot, making a scene and having lots of fans roaming around with their fancy looking cars, making their own scene.

Sighting of a beautiful red Mitsubishi Evolution.

For the first time ever in Amman, the aggressive KTM X-Bow.

The new BMW E92 M3 color, The Frozen Grey.

On Wednesday  the cars have headed to the Dead Sea to get their cars ready. Everyone was putting down their final touches on the cars before they head to take some laps on the drift track, to be fully ready for the big day, The finals.

From the UAE, This beautiful Toyota powered Lexus was a total drift rat. bumps, nicks, and tons of rubber dirt laying everywhere.

A Vaughn Gittin Jr. signed RTR was standing beautifully and had us drooling all over it. Diggin' its Wilwood rear brakes.

Also from Saudi Arabia, Traction_Off team drifting with their E46 M3

And here, is one of the rarest cars that we've ever seen in Jordan. The drifting Legend, the Nissan Silvia.
This car is one of the most famous drifters around the globe, pure Japanese madness. Although it's actually an S13, with an S15 nose. But dang it looks good!

Stop Tech brakes *drools*

Saudi Hyundai Genesis Coupe getting ready to go sideways along with the Bahraini Silvia.

Abdo Feghali, RedBull Middle East's official drift driver was there to help organize, judge, and guide all the drifters with the track, and was also there to put a nice show along with one of the world's most favorite drifters, THE MadMike Whiddett! 

-Great photo by my friend E. Kamal

Unfortunately, MadMike couldn't bring his sick RX-7. But he was there, and he also did some rounds and some *secret*. We've done a full interview with MadMike, it'll be on AmmaniV12 very soon! stay tuned

And now to leave you with some teasers of what you will be witnessing at the main event, Here are some pictures for the competiting cars on the track, we left some of the best cars for you to see at the event by yourself ;)

Dem sexy CCW rims *eyes glare*

We'll be seeing you at the finals tomorrow! 

Photography credits: Abdulla Ja'afari


James said...

Nicely done Jordan. I didn't expect to see such nice cars there, but judging from those vids, those cars performed! Guess being at the lowest point of Earth must help, right?!

Unknown said...

It's been a long time since long island Nissan dealers have joined this prestige event. Car drifting have started on Asia and had spread all throughout the world. Now their being held everywhere around the world.

Unknown said...

I love going to these car shows. We even participated once with one of our upgraded cars bought from one of those nissan dealers in ny. We replaced the rims and teh paint job.

Johnny Culp said...

We also buy cars and turn it into the most awesome race cars.

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Unknown said...

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Ryan Robinson said...

These are to good to be true looking cars. The designs are awesome and are meant for racing, I wonder how it'll look like when I see it face to face running on the roads.

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