Friday, September 28, 2012

The 2013 Victory Judge

The 1960s has been marked as the era of American Muscle cars. With the bulky tough body designs, big engine blocks, raised white lettering on the tires, and many other remarks of big muscle.

Where the 1960 Ford Mustang stood out, and has been a great part of inspiring the creation for the new Victory Motorcycle bike with their latest 2013 Victory Judge. Victory's latest addition to it's cruising bikes lineup.

The bike has recently arrived to Amman, and was featured at a Horses competition at the Royal Stables of Jordan. It was actually a good choice by Optimal Trading, linking the inspiring Mustang's horse logo with the new Mustang inspired motorcycle. Catching everyone's attention being at the middle.

The first thing you notice is the finishing and detailing of the bike, Victory has tuned down on the usage of chrome for this bike. With all black finish for the exhaust pipes, the frame, rear swing-arm, and cylinder heads.

With matching touches of American Muscle styling with the 5 spoke rims, the shape of the fuel tank, and single rounded headlight, And not to forget the chopped rear fender.

The 1731 cc engine is a Freedom 106/6 V-Twin that produces 113 ft. lbs. of torque. Featuring a single-overhead camshafts with four-valves per cylinder, self-adjusting cams, and hydraulic lifters for ease of maintenance. The 106 also features Electronic Fuel Injection with a dual, 45mm throttle body for crisp throttle response.

With an Oil/Air cooling system installed as standard, the bike keeps itself on a moderate temperature which is a +1 against different American cruiser motorcycles manufacturers.

The fuel tank's shaping is simply masculine, with it's sleek design, bent corners, and painted Victory lettering. Its capacity is 17 liters, which is quiet good and is considered big and convenient.

Although the bike is based on being classic, muscle and all bulky; Victory kept on using modern mechanical and non-mechanical features. Such as the rear LED braking lights, high power braking disc system (4-piston caliper on front, and 2-piston caliper on rear).

The Judge is equipped with a 6-speed transmission system, with mid-mounted controls offering better engagement for the driver in changing gears. The overdrive 6 gears is just great for long distance cruising, with smoother shifting and high gear ratios for minimal engine revving that you could enjoy on moderate speeds for comfortable driving.

As it's difficult at the time for an actual test drive for the motorcycle, we couldn't really offer much about the driving and handling for it. But with the specs available for the bike, it seems like a very maneuverable bike to ride with the 140mm rear wheel, and the mid controllers.
 But after reading many reviews online, we couldn't really find any downsides for the bike.

Some other specifications you might find useful:

Horsepower: 97 hp
Weight: 300 kgs
Braking: Conventional braking system (no abs)
Local retail price: 13,999 JOD

Basically, the bike is great, it's neither big or small, but it still looks great and all muscle. And with all these specs and options for that price? The bike really seems like a great motorcycle to own.

As Victory has described it: American Muscle never died. It just needed Handlebars

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