Monday, January 20, 2014

Nissan Silvia Drift Build [Part 2]: Parts, Engine rebuild, and sponsorship

Our journey with Ahmad Daham with what we're expecting to be one of Jordan's most extreme drift builds, started back in October, where the first S13.5 Silvia has entered the country and got itself jacked up and built from scratch.

It has taken a lot of effort, and time from everyone who was involved in this build, that even we didn't only stop at being there to take photos, but to even take parts to weld by ourselves,  look for piping, hoses, bolts, and help out however we can to make this build possible.

We had posted the first part of the build earlier with body work, chassis, suspension, and got the car on 4 wheels with an extremely wide steering angle set. After so many complications from parts delivery being delayed, to finding the parts needed, we're now headed to the most difficult part of the build.

On the last build progress, we received the 1JZ and 2JZ engines before receiving the parts. The only thing we were able to do is to have the engines taken apart, and use the 2JZ block with the 1JZ head to create a 1.5JZ for better compression. New gaskets, and seals were installed after refurbishing both the block and head along with a port and polish job.

The engine will remain on stock displacement *cough* (for now), so no extra fabrication will go into it.

The best feelings you get on car builds are when the project initiates, and when the car finally runs. But what makes our eyes glare, and gets everyone to gather is what we've all been waiting for... PARTS!

After the long wait, 80% of the parts arrived to the shop from engine mounts, gaskets, bolts, fuel pumps, belts, and much more from our list, where we were finally able to continue working on the car, from settling the engine in place, rebuilding it, and continue working on the project.

After the transmission finished being rebuilt, it was attached to the block with a Quartermaster triple disc clutch instaeed, and then dropped with perfect fitment with no issues. Thanks to the adjustable engine and gear mounts, we were able to bring the motor the closest to the center for better weight distribution.

As mentioned earlier, engine parts will consist of: Titan custom camshafts, Titan Crank pulley, Titan cam pulleys, Supertech springs valves, Meizer electric water pump, HKS intercooler, And a Mocal oil cooler.

It's all in the small things. It took time for everything to be done on high standards, and quality. A custom shift arm to fit the polished Sparco knob, surrounded with a custom plate where a Wilwood powered hydraulic handbrake was fitted on it with a perfect snug and stiff fitment eliminating any wobbling.

With additional news that added joy to our project along with a new kickass fuel system - Nuke Performance were kind enough to support the project and give a complete fuel system, including a Surge tank, Fuel rail, Fuel filters, Fuel pressure regulator, Y block, and a Vacuum station.

3 fuel filters will be installed, where 2 will go before the fuel pumps, and 1 before going to the injectors, to keep everything safe.

On the final mechanical assembly, here are the highlights:

  • A Borgwarner turbocharger was installed with a billet wheel to have less lag, and generate more boost.
  • Sensors to read Fuel temp, Fuel pressure, Oil temp, and Oil pressure will be all connected through a Link G4+ to the AIM Strada screen where it will all be monitored for safety precautions.
  • Fuel cooler will be added to keep AFR consistent at high horsepower, and to keep the 044 fuel pumps from overheating.

After a long way, the engine was finally assembled and the car was ready to run mechanically. This is where the top 2 electricians are headed inside the Silvia to work their magic with wiring and soldering.

This will conclude the 2nd part of the build where the most difficult stages were done. We're still waiting for more parts, but till then, let us wish Ahmad Qattan and Abdullah Atallah the best with all these wires! After all, they're one of the best electricians around.

If you haven't read the first part yet, make sure to head here: Nissan Silvia Drift Build [Part 1]

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