Saturday, June 30, 2012

Launch of the new Lexus GS F-Sport

A while ago, Lexus have changed mostly its whole line up to the new image of Lexus having a signature front of end of each model.
After a worldwide release of the new GS model, we really got excited about the changes the car have been through with all these years in development.

The launch was at a private location, with a couple of Lexus F series cars such as the IS-F, and the LFA welcoming us at our arrival which gave us the chills.
A great welcome to get us even more excited to see the new GS as Lexus have mentioned that the GS was engineered from the ground up with next-generation technology.

The lighting wasn't focused outside next to the IS-F, but we did our best to get a clear shot of the car.
As most of you know, the IS-F is a great competitor to many sport cars, such as the BMW M3, The Mercedes C63, The Audi RS4, and some others.

And in less than 1 minute after admiring the IS-F, something much bigger and out of the ordinary hit us. The Lexus LFA. known to be the ultimate creation by Lexus, in Technology, Performance, and Luxury from the inside and outside.

The car just stood there in its beautiful pearl white color, under purple-ish blacklight giving the car a really cool effect.

Cool part was, right before we left we were able to get access to the car, and give it a few revs and hear its amazing engine revving through a Yamaha Acoustic inspired exhaust system. Just perfect.

To the main event, A huge water screen with the Lexus logo looked beautiful while tampering the air as we're going through a heated up season this summer. The quality was impressive.

Nadim Haddad, the marketing manager of Central Trade and Auto (Toyota/Lexus) went on stage, welcomed the guests and told us some more about the history of Lexus and how Lexus is evolving with top of the line technology, and explaining the slogan of "Points of No Return".

And as I quote by Lexus: "During the development of the aggressive new GS there were moments that inspired us and drove us forward. See those points and explore innovations in Performance, Technology, and design that have boldly pushed all of us past the leading edge. From this car forward, there is no going back."

As for the launch ceremony, it was nothing like we've ever seen before. the water screen was used for a mind blowing 3D projector light show, including smoke, laser beams, and really cool sound effects giving you the feeling that what we were seeing was actually happening infront of us. (You can see the video at the end of the article)

And there it was, the new Lexus GS F-Sport. displayed in the 350 F-Sport model and the new GS450h with the world's first direct-inject Atkinson-cycle engine.
The car was displayed in 3 colors at the event, all of them fully loaded with high-tech.

Both cars are running a 3.5L engine, but only a hybrdid system running on the 450h for a hybrid/gasoline system.

As you can see, the 450h model gives a big boost in mileage when it comes to fuel consumption which is great.

The interior is simply Lexus, our definition for luxury meets quality. Everything was in high end finishing, the gauges, the trims, the knobs, the audio system, it was all there.
It was really a points of no return for such a luxurious vehicle.

The GS is equipped with a driving mode knob, to switch between comfort, sport, and Sport+ mode. which controls the RPM, and how the car reacts to how far you push it with the gas pedal, also firming the suspension for handling adjustments.


Hopefully we'll be giving the car a test drive soon, take more photos on the street and let you know how it runs on our Ammani streets! so stay tuned for more :)

You may watch the launch video provided by Lexus Jordan here:

Photography credits go to Abdulla Ja'afari


SRT8 ! said...

Great article and pictures .. keep up the good work :)

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