Saturday, June 23, 2012

The 2nd generation 997 Carrera S (PDK)

After we have covered the launch of the new 991 Carrera, and have seen many changes in aerodynamics, body style, and performance in handling and acceleration. We've thought of its earlier 997 version, will it still be considered by Porsche fans?

A while ago, Nuqul automotive handed us one of their 997 2nd generation Carrera S which was equipped with many updates from the earlier generation. Such as a revised suspension system, revised direct injection engine, and a totally new PDK Transmission system which gave the car a whole different feeling.

The car was driven inside the city, on highways, and on a bit more rough roads just to see how the car will react and drive on many different terrains. We started off by going on airport street, where we encountered smooth soft asphalt, and new grippy asphalt.

As the car comes in an RR layout (Rear engine rear wheel drive), it could be tricky to drive the car on most of the soft asphalt streets while accelerating roughly or in Sport+ mode. So all you need to do is keep your "PSM" system on and drive safely.

With the Porsche developed "PSM" system, it gives the car better safety if the car got out of your control where it limits your revving, controls some of your braking to get you back on the right track.

The design of the 2nd Gen received some changes on the front and rear, with the LEDs, front bumper, and some changes on the interior.

As you can see the aggressive looking quad exhausts on the rear giving the car a louder revving when on Sport mode, a more advanced looking LED rear lights, and with the same good looking retractable spoiler for better downforce.

As many other Porsche Carrera owners have said, you can definitely use it as a daily use car. no matter what environment it goes through, you're not going to have any problems driving it anywhere. whether for long distance runs, traffic jams, hot weather, cold weather, The car just runs.

Getting to the interior, this specific model had a really cool combination of chromed finishes, with brown leather. Multi functional steering buttons including the cloned Tip Tronic pedals on both sides. with the Porsche style left hand side ignition.

What we really love about Porsche is details, such as the Porsche shield on the headrest.

When you get this car, what you also get is a super high quality BOSE audio system to go along with the fancy riding style.

Now to what's different from the older Carrera model, the PDK transmission. The shorter abbreviation to "Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe" which is almost impossible to read. is basically a Dual clutch transmission system, which obviously has 2 clutches for your semi-automatic transmission. Each clutch has its own set of gears, one for even gears and the other for odd.

When your clutch is set on 1st gear, your dual clutch system allows the 2nd clutch to have the 2nd gear ready to when you're ready to shift up. which minimizes the time needed to shift gears, and gives you better acceleration. 

The PDK transmission on the Carrera S can handle up to 500 Nm, where on the 911 turbo it has a different PDK system which allows the transmission to handle up to 780 Nm. which is really good for a factory stock car. giving you more space to add some modifications if preferred.

The Carrera S has a 3.8 Liter H6 Engine which gives out 380 horsepower with 420 Nm of torque.
The weight of the car including the PDK tranny was measured to 1500 kgs, which helps getting the car going from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds while running on the PDK system.

The top speed was set to 300 km/h.

Bottom line, the car will not be in production anymore as the new 991 is out now. But if you get to have a second hand 997 PDK Carrera, just go for it and you'll be enjoying a one hell of a quality ride.

Photography credits go to:
-Abdulla Ja'afari
-Odai Al-Hamarneh

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