Friday, July 6, 2012

Murdered, but pretty much Alive

Murderedout:  When a vehicle has both black paint and black wheels. Sometimes the window tint should also be really dark and other aftermarket accessories such as black taillight covers etc. should aid in blacking out the ride.

This 2007 Chrysler 300C SRT8, normally comes stock with 425 horsepower, 569 Nm of torque, doing 0-60 in just over 5 seconds. And that's a quiet good number, but was not enough to the owner Taher Hisham.

Taher made a purchase of this car around a year ago, drove it for a while and started with slight modifications boosting the car up to 500 hp. With parts such as a Diablo sport tune, K&N Air Intake, SRT Max Camshaft, Magnaflow exhaust system, and a thermostat to keep the temperature low.
Thanks to the NMK Dyno Center, we were able to test the car out on the dyno and get some really cool numbers.

The vehicle gave out an outstanding performance, it was something the car should have been as standard.

Proper modification takes time, effort, research and a lot thinking of what can be done, what parts to get, and know if it's the right thing to do.
We cooperated with NABA Center, and Eng.Mohammed Shabsough in the Bayader industrial area for the installation of the parts. and they've done a great job working the car out.

Although it took alot of time for the car to be done, and it went through unexpected delays but the car performed perfectly.

A year after having the car set at 500 hp, it was time to give it a boost of power with extra parts, from a Supercharger, to a new suspension system, to a new transmission, to creating a beast.

The parts are arrived, the car was sent in to the workshop, and day after day the car was shaping up under the hood.

-SHR Viking NAG1 Transmission

-Vortech V3 supercharger system

Current parts on the car:
  • Vortech V3 si trim (11 psi boost)
  • Forged 6.1 engine internals
  • SHR Viking NAG1 transmission
  • SRT Max Camshaft
  • ID 1000 fuel injectors
  • SpeedLogix fuel rails
  • Fore fuel system with 3 Walbro fuel pumps
  • Fore fuel regulator
  • Tial blowoff valve
  • DSS 1400hp axles
  • Quaife limited slip differential
  • Paramount flex plate
  • Precision Industries 3200 stall torque converter
  • Innovators West Overdrive 16% pulley 
  • Hotchkis Sway bars (Front+Rear)
  • ST Adjustable Coilovers
  • Catless mid pipes
  • Magnaflow catback exhaust system
  • Autometer fuel pressure gauge
  • Autometer transmission temperature gauge
  • Rear tires: Nitto NT05 275/40R20
Car was done a month later, and needed to be driven for the engine to cope with the parts. And later on, off to the Dyno for a custom tune that can get the car to perform well as the camshaft gave really high output.

We got in touch with custom tuner Husam Salem from Racing Dimensions, who's known for tuning many cars and giving them a whole different driveability on the street, and on the track.

Having a custom tune was a must, as the car needs to learn how to run all of its aftermarket parts in a proper way, and give each part the maximum abilities to perform and give their maximum power.

Many hours spent at the dyno, to get the car to its final current power.

And after so much time spent on the car, and with over 20,000 JDs on modifications, We reached the results below:

Horsepower rated at 600RWHP, and 745 Nm of torque.
And to top that, with a quarter mile race simulation on the dyno, the Chrysler got the 1st place record of 10.544 seconds, at 197 km/h

All running on 95 pump fuel, and not racing fuel.

Now known as one of the top street legal cars running on the streets of Amman. Fully blacked out body parts, black rims, headlights, and Mad looking headlight lids.

This car could be one of the hottest rides to pick up your son from school with, and make all the other kids scared shitless. A truly murdered out Mafia car.

To finish it all up, enjoy some more photos taken of this mad car :)

For any further information about the car, you can contact the owner, Taher Hisham at 0788480819

Photography credits go to: Yahia Shaheen


Unknown said...

LOOKS AWESOME ,incredible , so hot.
i like the black theme , nice headlights , and the tuning is just great ...keep it up taher , go for 1000 HP.

ma sha2 allah.rabna ye7mek enta o heye ...

Anonymous said...

Great work all over and from day one. Good luck and God protect you all the way and hear and after...:O)

SRT8 ! said...

Thanks guys :)

Anonymous said...

sara7a ra2i3a! love the car man mashallahhh beautiful pictures, is it for sale?

SRT8 ! said...

If any guy want any information you can just contact me at my phone number :D
Its in the end of the review ...

Circassian said...

mshallah , well tuned car in every detail

Anonymous said...

is it for sale?

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