Sunday, September 9, 2012

Renault's official opening

Alkan international motors have recently launched Renault's brand in Amman, Jordan.
Although you might find several Renault cars spread around Jordan, they finally have a home now. The official dealer has the whole full line of Renault cars, ranging from their Clio, Megane, Duster, and to their funkiest electric car, the Twizy.

The location of the new showroom is in Swefieh, right next to Ole Jordan previously. It shouldn't be hard to miss as it's yellow all around as Renault's brand color. It's a pretty cool location is you ask me, as it's sort of close and easy to reach coming from anywhere.

Inside the showroom, we got a chance to get close and personal to some of the new cars. For example, the Renault Latitude, a 4-door executive class car. We didn't really cover all cars at the event, so we can't say much till we get our hands on the cars.

One of the coolest cars that might be around for a while, the Renault Twizy. A fully electric car, that you charge using an electric socket right from the wall of your room or garage. It can run to the top speed of 80 km/h, have 2 passengers, and take you around in a very fun experience.
What's funny is that the doors are optional! Well lets just hope it remains fun around here.

A car that we've been hearing about for a long time but were never able to get it around here, is the Renault Duster (Also produced under the name of Dacia in other countries). which is also James May's favorite car!

Duster is an SUV that will hopefully be available in many trims, and actually affordable by the majority of SUV lovers. As it have made really good numbers in sales all around the world.

"Drive the change", a signature mark that Renault has embedded in its new car lineup. Its founded on Renault’s ambition to make sustainable mobility accessible to all.

With all the new shiny cars at the showroom, it was the Renault 5 Turbo. A classic sport hatch Renault brought back from the 1980s.
Although to todays standards, 158 hp is not much, but it was definitely something for a small hatch that weighs less than a ton at the time.

No information about the maintenance center, but it's there in Bayader industrial area.

The fun should continue soon with a test drive for the new Renault Twizy. We just hope we'd fit in.
You can pass by at the new Renault showroom and enjoy all the new Renault models.


Anonymous said...

good job Abdullah,
keep the good work.
Yahia Shaheen

Anonymous said...

Renault Duster can even drive in muddy and gutter roads with good duster mileage. Comparing to other similar segment vehicles pickup is better. The company is reminding me of every regular service.

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