Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Monster is back; The new BMW F12 M6

A new M car is always big news when launched. Which catches the attention of enthusiasts, enviers, youngsters, and other manufactures. Why is that though? Well simply said is because the BMW Motorsport division are the ones who started the segment of beast in sheep’s clothing in the 80’s and since then it has been a brand which we have most grown to love, and has been the benchmark for all.

A drivers car which can be like a Swiss Army knife, a car which you can drive to drop of the kids to school, do the grocery, then taking it to the track and letting it rip and putting supercars to shame. A no compromise everyday supercar.

We have been very lucky to review one of the very first BMW M6’s in the Middle East region. So we had to benchmark it, we had to find a car to compare it with. So the search ended up null. We needed a reliable German car with similar specs to the M6, and had to find out that there wasn’t any out there. We needed a GT in the price range.

What about the Porsche 911, Mercedes SL63 AMG? The 911 are far from being a grand tourer and is a sports car, the back seats are a joke, and SL Benz has no back seats. Well our search ended with in the brand with the previous generation BMW E64 M6, and we needed to drive them both.

BMW M’s philosophy has always been about high revving naturally aspirated engines. Having a turbo or automatic has always been taboo, but that philosophy has been completely shattered with the new M6. Yes the new M has a turbo, and has ditched the naturally aspirated racing derived 5.0 V10 for a 4.4 V8 bi-turbo. What? Why would they ever do that? Looks like a step backwards.

Large automobile manufactures have had to look for methods of creating more efficient engines which create more power, and also reduce it fuel consumption and emissions. That is not an easy thing to do, since the natural aspirated engines had reached its peak in achieving that. The turbo seemed to be the answer, and over the years they had figured out how to make it better and better, but can never replace the whale of the natural aspirated engines.

With the M6's new setup, It has boosted its power to 560 horsepower, and 680 Nm of torque.
Doing 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 secs

So the new M6, so far it looks like a step backwards by BMW M, but you are very wrong. It is a new M built for a new era, and we love it. This car is very difficult to compare to the previous generation, and they have nothing in common but the BMW logo. They come from different eras and different philosophies. The new M6 is more of a revolution than an evolution.

With the styling BMW have returned to the classic BMW’s, and Chris Bangles designs have vanished which we’ll not complain about. It looks very elegant and expensive without it being too shouty. It is a huge coupe with a lot of presence and character. The interior is what you expect from BMW, very well made and high tech with carbon fiber all around. Down to the nicest details like the red, and blue stitching on the steering wheel.

With both generations capable of speeds excess of 330 km/h delimited, both do it in different ways. The new M6 feels more relaxed and tamed doing it, with its 7 speed double clutch transmission DCT its much smoother, too smooth in fact comparing to the SMG lll which was really good at the track but failed with being a little jerky and tricky at city driving.

The new turbo engine is a beast, with very high low-end torque and a large power band mated to the 7 speed DCT it is a very capable all rounder. When driving, you hardly notice it being a forced induction engine, and as responsive as its natural aspirated old brother. The way it delivers its power to the ground through its trick differential is just epic, and at the corners it feels that its kidding with you.

The new M6 is like a tamed Rottweiler, civilized when you want it to be, and aggressive when you need it to be. Unlike the older M6, well that’s a pit-bull which doesn’t like being tamed, it just wants to be fast all the time and really hates going slow. The M6 is very driver oriented and a true GT. Capable of long distances with comfort and fun, and with a bigger fuel tank and an engine that is more efficient by 30%, you could have more fun without stopping and feeling guilty about melting the ice on the north pole.

The new M6 is an amazing all rounder, with crazy power, speed, agility, looks, practicality, beauty, quality, reliability, comfort, and driver involvement. But it loses when it comes to the sound it makes. Not that is any bad, it is nothing compared to that of the high pitch F1 sound V10 from the previous M6, that was the only compromise BMW had to make for the new age.

With the price of upwards of 200,000 JD’s, the M6 is the most expensive and fastest BMW offered, and you get what you pay for. It is a true super car that will impress you for what it is that has none of the drawbacks and compromises of other super cars. This is a car you can drive everyday without worry and really enjoy it, not cover it in a garage and look at it over a glass of wine fearing it will break down driving it.

We could say the new M6 is a true M in every way, but in a whole new way. Don’t for one second think that BMW M have lost its game. BMW M has made an engineering marvel that doesn’t disappoint in any way, and we could call it the the new boss, same as the old boss, it is the new benchmark for Super GT’s.


Photography credits: Estabraq Kamal and Abdulla Ja'afari


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Really a monster! :D

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awesome photos!

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Great article! But the most expensive BMW is the 760Li @ $150k :)

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